• Core values: integrity of the pursuit of sustainable development of quality grade return to the community
    Integrity management:Adhere to integrity, sincere treatment of others, sincere treatment of customers, users, colleagues, partners, sincerely treat the work, said to do business with high standards of business ethics, win the trust.
    Pursuit of taste:To create high-quality brand connotation. Adhere to the quality and efficiency of the road, the implementation of "quality leader," the quality of strategy, manufacturing high-quality products, the achievements of the excellent RENHAO brand image.
    Sustainable development:The pursuit of int-term goals and objectives of the perfect unity, adhere to the steady progress, steady and promising, stable quality. Vigorously promote the concept of sustainable development, in practice, has always been the pursuit of business and employees, the harmonious development of society.
    Return to society:Actively fulfill the responsibility of corporate citizenship, take the initiative to participate in public welfare activities, feedback employees, the community of our expectations, to contribute to building a harmonious society.